5 Painting Techniques For Beginners

Are you a painting enthusiast or is your painting yet to take root in the industry? Probably, it has taken you long enough to give the right exposure to your work. You undoubtedly might have been doing it all wrong. In this article, I present to you the most basic painting techniques that you should get acquainted with before you embark on your painting journey.


Underpainting entails using colors that contrast on your drawing palette. It is the application of paint in layers one after the other. For starts, you do big blocks of color, then followed by more refine and brighter layers. You can use acrylics since they dry fast and they are permanent. If you use slow-drying paints, ensure that you start with thin to thick sketches. Fine-tune your painting by using brighter paints at the end to cover the underpaintings.

Block in

Use brushes of different shapes and fiber and with different colors of paint to make a masterpiece. Broad, larger and flat brushers cover a wider area. When fine-tuning the images, you can use smaller brushes to refine the image.

Texture building

In this section, you need to blend your paint. It is all about the feel or rather the grain and the noise the painting produces. Use dry and flat brushes to enhance color transitions. You can buy readymade texture media, or you can be creative since anything can put on texture to your painting. Example, you can spatter paint on your image using a brush or, use sand or eggshells to produce a particular sensation.


Glazing encompasses putting transparent paint over dry parts of the painting. Glazing gives your paint the shine, adds depth, and modulates the colors. Use a matte medium for an exquisite upshot.

Dry Brushing

It is an art of applying partial paint to dried layers of paint. It gets done using quick directional strokes. It utilizes a light paint technique over darker shades of paint.
It is important that you are well versed with the brushwork to perfect your painting skills. Get the basics of paint from the script above and thank me later.

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